Issue 17.4 ("100")

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Issue 17.4 ("100")

xDev Magazine
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*Numbers Please! Part 3* by Markus Winter

What is a number? And just how do you tell a program to detect a number?

*TextField with Warning Sign* by Markus Winter

For his Numberfield, Markus needed a new control with a warning sign.

*Husband + Wife + Xojo* by Richard and Trisha Duke

Richard looks back on 30 years in the computer business.

*Creating Barcodes in Xojo* by Stefanie Juchmes

With the MBS barcode plugin, you can create over 80 types of barcodes.

*Curves Ahead* by Marc Zeedar

Predicting the future is tough. All we really know is that everything will change.

*Your First Web App* by Paul Budd

Never created a Web App? Now is your chance!

*PLUS*: Computed properties, WWDC, Xojo Podcast, Client Communication, WeakRefs, Best of the Web, and more!

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