Begin Programming Xojo Web (RBL-0054)

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Begin Programming Xojo Web (RBL-0054)

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*I wish I Knew How To … Begin Programming Xojo Web* is an introductory book for both a Xojo and Web programmer. Topics are at an introductory level and is not focused on intermediate or advanced topics. Here are some of the many topics discussed:


* Maps

* Styles

* Cookies

* Sessions

* Data types

* Screen sizes

* Error handling

* Object introduction

* Comparing

* SQLite database integration (CRUD)

* An example of a dynamic blog with login

* ...and more

Programs were written with Xojo 2014 r2.1 for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu (32-bit) operating systems. There are over 290 pages covering 18 chapters and over 70 example programs. The table of contents can be downloaded at the author's website: http://www.scispec.ca/index.php/books

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