XML with Xojo (RBL-0050)

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XML with Xojo (RBL-0050)

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There are many points to learn XML, such as connecting databases, displaying data in multiple formats, making the information tailored to the reader, adding security through schemas and more. With Xojo’s ability to work on multiple operating systems, using XML adds to the already diverse Xojo environment. This book introduces and provides examples on the following topics:

* Unwritten rules

* Comments

* Child sections

* XML Documents

* Reading

* Editing

* Writing

* XQL (XML Query Language)


* CData

* Schema


* ...and much more.

There are over 200 pages and 50 example programs which cover 15 chapters. With the exception of DTD on Mac, all examples were tested on Windows 8.1 and Maverick Operating Systems.

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