Xojo Beginner's Collection (XDL-0014)

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xDev Magazine has been publishing for over 20 years and just about every issue has included a column called Beginner's Corner. In that column we go in-depth on how to use a particular feature of Xojo, explore basic programming concepts, or give tips and instructions specifically geared toward beginners in programming or new to Xojo.

Now we've gathered two decades of those columns into a single book of over 1100 pages and over 110 demo projects. If you're new to Xojo this is a terrific resource that goes into much more detail than the often-cryptic Xojo help files.

Some of the topics covered include:

* basic controls

* canvas

* computed properties

* contextual menus

* control arrays

* data structures

* dates

* dictionaries

* drag and drop

* encapsulation

* folderitems


* loops


* printing

* ProgressBar

* Refactoring

* Scope

* strings

* styled text

* Threads

* timers

* toolbars

* transparency

* typecasting

* unit testing

* windows

* XojoScript

* and much more!

Ebook is in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats.

Version 1.2 -- Published 2023.06.16

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Xojo Beginner's Collection (XDL-0014)

0 ratings
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