issue 14.6 ("XDC 2016")

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Xojo Past and Future by Marc Zeedar

If you missed the XDC announcements, here's where you can find out what's in the pipeline for Xojo for 2017.

XDC 2016 by Marc Zeedar

Didn't make it to Houston for XDC this year? Don't worry -- Marc takes you there and includes lots of photographs (over 40).

Xojo Compiler Optimization by Christian Schmitz

Xojo now includes some options to let the compiler work harder and create more efficient code -- but are those worth the extra time? Christian tests the feature.

Cooking with Xojo (Part 2) by Mark Strickland

Finally we get to eat steak! Or, uh, Mark does. He concludes his Raspberry Pi experiment to get Xojo to cook him a steak. Did it work? Read to find out!

Tracking Health Disorders, Part 4 by J.C. Cruz

Jose finishes his health tracking project with the final code.

Plus: Learning Database design, Colors and Licenses open source software, Iconographer, and more!

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issue 14.6 ("XDC 2016")

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