Program Raspberry Pi 3B+ Electronics with Xojo - Stretch Edition (XDL-0006)

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You can do many things with the Raspberry Pi, and some have built a Star Trek interface, while others have built robots. This book provides the building block to work with Xojo to react with the real world through its motherboard to allow you to make your own interesting device. This inexpensive computer can be programed by the widely recognized Xojo programming language.

This book "I Wish I Knew How to…Program Raspberry Pi 3B+ Electronics with Xojo" goes into the numerous programs that can be built to interact with many types of electronic gadgets. This book uses the latest Raspberry Pi 3B+ hardware with the newest version of the Stretch Operating System.

The "I Wish I Knew" series contains technical data and advice that makes sense and contains practical and numerous examples with explanations to allow you to ease into the steep programming curve. There are many electronic examples and the book also has many references to the Stretch Linux Operating System that is used with the Raspberry Pi.

You can start building your own electronic projects with Raspberry Pi today!

Click to download the Raspberry Pi Table of contents at, which has a listing of all of the examples in the book, many of the terms, and commands used in the operating system. There are 26 chapters with more than 600 pages with over 70 example programs. Examples include LED displays, Stepper motors, Ultrasonic distance, LCD words, graphics, and custom glyphs, infrared sensors, photo and video recording, servos, LEDs, infrared receivers, and more. Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with a full index to help find topics quickly. Examples include a circuit diagram or breakout board diagram to help with wiring the components on the Raspberry Pi. The book is in PDF format with example chapter folders containing Xojo source code and running examples.

It is assumed that you have an intermediate understanding of both electronics and programming of the Xojo language. This ebook is a pdf formatted document and all examples include Xojo code.

Note: Xojo has free Raspberry Pi licenses!

ISBN: 978-1-927924-21-1

Version 2.0 – Released in July 2018

New Additions in Version 2.0

- Wrote the book with the newest Raspberry Pi 3 B+

- Note: Jessie version of OS has been updated to Stretch version of OS (Aug 2017)

- Add Chmod command to all programs for proper permissions (All Examples)

- Added Enabling instruction for I2C enabling in Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 (Chapter 21)

- Added bus service Error solution when running Xojo program on Raspberry Pi Stretch in Appendix D

- Added Stepper motor Full-Step example DRV8833 (Example 24-1)

- Added runtime Half-step option for a stepper motor DRV8833 (Example 24-2)

- Added modification of I2C baud rate in post 2015 Raspberry Pi (Chapter 21)

- For I2C pre-2015 use i2c_bcm2078, and post-2015 use i2c_bcm2835 (Chapter 21)

- Too many files open error solution (Appendix D)

- Added Chapter 25 for LSM9DS0 9-Degrees-Of-Freedom sensor

- Added historical information about Raspberry Pi operating system naming convention

- Power supply for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is 2.4 Amps (instead of 2.0 Amps)

- Added VNC Server and Viewer steps when connecting to a Raspberry Pi (Chapter 2)

- Add Normal and Pirate Wiring for DS18B20 (Chapter 9)

- Add ADXL 377 G-Force (Example 25-2)

- Added stepper motor troubleshooting solutions in Appendix D

- Added L293D Dual H-Bridges to power motors independently (Example 6-11)

- Added Stepper motor Wave-Step example DRV8833 (Example 24-3)

- Added Stepper motor Half-Drive 5.0-volt L293D (Example24-4)

- Added Stepper motor Full-Step example TB6612 (Example 24-5)

- Added Chapter 26 for LED displays. [a. Added static 8x8 LED matrix display (Example 26-1) b. Added dynamic 8x8 LED matrix display (Example 26-2) c. Added static 16x8 LED matrix display (Example 26-3) d. Added dynamic 16x8 LED matrix display (Example 26-4) e. Added numerical 7-segment LED (Example 26-5) f. Added alpha numeric 4-digit display (Example 26-6)]


- Updated Change Keyboard configuration for steps with Stretch OS (Chapter 2)

- Updated Creating Run Icon on Desktop for Stretch

- Updated Creating a Screen Grab (Scrot) program on the Desktop

- Updated Pi Board Version Table (Chapter 2)

- Updated Example 3-4 to play sound through omxplayer with headphone jack

- wiringPi is updated to 2.46 for the new Pi v3+

- Updated GPIO binary code of Paul Lefebvre for programs

- Added unintentional reboot of Raspberry Pi in Error Solutions (Appendix D)

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Program Raspberry Pi 3B+ Electronics with Xojo - Stretch Edition (XDL-0006)

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