Issue 20.3 ("XDC Anywhere")

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In this issue:

XDC Anywhere 2022 by Marc Zeedar

In April Xojo held their first virtual conference. What happened? Did you miss it? It's not too late as everything is up on YouTube for you to watch at your convenience.

Xojo 2022 Release 1 by Marc Zeedar

The latest Xojo update has some major new features. Marc gives an overview and shows how to create some cool new Code Assistant scripts.

Easy Money Entry by Tom Baumgartner

Tom wanted to write his own accounting app and learned that creating a proper currency field is harder than it seems.

Making a Fontbook by Marc Zeedar

When Xojo added support for using uninstalled fonts, Marc thought it would be a great way to make PDFs of his font collections. Unfortunately, the process was a lot more complicated. In the end, he had to learn how to parse font files to get the project to work.

Plus: Debugging basics, JSON, using Continuity Camera, subqueries, and more!

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Issue 20.3 ("XDC Anywhere")

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