Program Access 2010 with Xojo Desktop Apps (RBL-0047)

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I Wish I Knew How To Program Access 2007/2010/2013 with Xojo Desktop Apps in Windows is for the beginning or intermediate programmer to learn Xojo and interfacing with Microsoft Access. This is an essential book for those wanting to use the additional strength of Access in addition to the adaptability of Xojo.

* Takes an easy approach with over 80 examples covering over 260 pages to guide you through the software and show you what to do.

* A full index and table of contents which works like a reference book.

* Explanations for every example project included with the book.

* Added a chapter on working with ADODB for faster database access

This book teaches you how to use Access with the Xojo programming language, covering Reports, create, delete, edit, and more. What you will learn from this book:

* Introduction to Xojo and the Environment

* Getting Data from the Access Database File

* Desktop Connection to an Access File

* Report Printing (many examples)

* Database Fundamentals

* Database file handling

* Handling apostrophes

* New Database tables

* Number formatting

* Math calculations

* Building a menu

* Database joins

* Value of fields

* Deleting data

* Adding Data

* Field spaces

* Alias’s

* ...and more.

The table of contents and Index can be downloaded from the Author's Website:

This book is a live document and will be updated.

Eugene Dakin is based in Calgary and has written many books on programming: *Program Excel with Real Studio in Windows*, *Program MS Access with Real Studio in Windows*, *Program Word 2010 with Real Studio in Windows*, *Begin Programming with Real Studio in Windows*, and *Program Excel 2010 with Xojo in Windows*

ISBN: 978-1-927924-11-2

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Program Access 2010 with Xojo Desktop Apps (RBL-0047)

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